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Salvos Legal Humanitarian provides free legal advice across a range of practice areas. If you require legal advice, assistance or representation you may access our free legal Advice Bureaus located in New South Wales and Queensland.


Click here to access the dates, times and locations of our free Advice Bureaus or use the buttons above to download the brochures for each State.


We can provide you with advice about legal issues you may have involving any of the following:


  • Police matters
  • Debt
  • Neighbourhood disputes
  • Centrelink matters
  • Family law
  • Housing matters
  • Family migration and refugee matters


If you have a query involving any of the following issues, we won't be able to provide you with advice but can direct you to a service that may be able to assist you:


  • Wills and estates disputes or requests for free Wills and estates advice
    (We provide wills and estates advice on a paid basis as part of our commercial practice. Click here for details)
  • Employment
  • Property disputes, including issues regarding conveyancing and strata matters
  • Student/employment visas
  • Workers compensation
  • Family law property disputes
  • Civil matters, particularly for those seeking compensation, damages, or some form of payment from another party


What do you need to know before getting advice?


Your details: In order to provide you with legal advice we must obtain your personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, address and phone number. We may also ask you to show us some form of identification before providing you with advice. If you would like a support person to accompany you during your advice session we may record their full name.


Other party: If your legal issue involves another party, we must have the name of the other party before we can provide you with legal advice.  


Conflict of interest: In some cases, we may have a conflict of interest and will not be able to provide you with legal advice. We have a commercial practice, which funds our free legal advice service. If your issue involves one of our commercial clients, we may not be able to provide you with advice.


Confidentiality: The information that you provide to us will be maintained in a confidential manner.


Advisors: You will receive advice from a solicitor, barrister or registered migration agent who is supervised by a senior solicitor from Salvos Legal. If you return for further advice, you are likely to see a different advisor.


One off advice: You can expect to receive one off advice at an Advice Bureau. A decision about whether or not Salvos Legal may be able to act for you as your solicitor depends on whether or not your case falls within our Means and Merits test and also whether or not we have the capacity to assist you. Details of our Means and Merits test can be found here.


No form filling: Salvos Legal does not complete immigration forms.


Respectful relationships: Please maintain a respectful relationship with all staff. Inappropriate behaviour may result in an inability to assist you.


Advice Bureaus: All of our Advice Bureaus share information, therefore if you have attended a different Salvos Legal Advice Bureau we may be able to access your information, as well as the advice that you were previously provided.

Representation and Assistance by Salvos Legal


We seek to provide one off advice at our Advice Bureaus. However in certain circumstances clients may require additional assistance.

Outlined below are details of how assistance and advice is provided at our Advice Bureaus.

Click here to find out more about the Means & Merits Test assessment.



In August 2005, Courtyard Legal was established at the Auburn Salvation Army, offering free legal advice and assistance to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it.  The Courtyard Legal team realised that the people of the Greater Western suburbs of Sydney did not have proper access to legal advice from well resourced Solicitors in times of need.


In December 2010, the work of Courtyard Legal was succeeded by the new firm, Salvos Legal Humanitarian. 


In addition, Salvos Legal Humanitarian acts in some cases on a full-time basis.  In this capacity, we are able to give our clients high end and well resourced legal representation so as to even the playing field in cases where there are particular instances of social injustice occurring against disadvantaged individuals.


Salvos Legal Humanitarian consists of a strong team of skilled and passionate Solicitors & Migration Agents, Law Graduates, Paralegals and Assistants.  


Additionally, Salvos Legal Humanitarian has a wide panel of Barristers who from time to time offer their services free of charge, giving either representation in Court or Tribunals (with the benefit of an instructing Salvos Legal Humanitarian Solicitor), or through the provision of advice.


Almost all of the people whom Salvos Legal Humanitarian act for are on Government pensions or are from low income backgrounds and have been unable to access Legal Aid.  Certainly none of these people could afford a Lawyer to act on their behalf and in most cases without one, they would very likely be unable to properly fight for their rights in Court.


Salvos Legal Humanitarian has also assisted many families from war-torn and troubled nations around the world to be reunited and to come to a peaceful new home here in Australia.


The aim of Salvos Legal Humanitarian is not only to exist as a law firm.  We recognise that the clients who come to us don't only have a legal need but that there are often other complicating factors in their lives. 


To this end, Salvos Legal Humanitarian exists to be able to help our clients with their legal needs and to help them engage with other Salvation Army social and pastoral services, such as drug & alcohol recovery, employment assistance, welfare, counselling, financial management and aged care.


Salvos Legal Humanitarian exists to give people a helping hand when they need it most.


Migration Services


Salvos Legal employs seven Registered Migration Agents who facilitate the delivery of legal advice and representation in family and humanitarian visa categories.


Registered Migration Agent Registration Numbers:












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