Corporate pro bono opportunities

An exciting pro bono opportunity for inhouse lawyers

Our Inhouse Pro Bono Desk is staffed by inhouse lawyers across both the corporate and government sectors from 9am to 5pm.  Interested inhouse lawyers can either volunteer in their own time, or with the permission of their employer to undertake the pro bono work as part of their official employment.

We know that there is a great demand among inhouse lawyers to undertake pro bono work and achieve the National Pro Bono Aspirational Target of 35 hours a year but find the pro bono opportunities hard to come by.  Our Desk can help meet this need.   Inhouse counsel who ‘hot-desk’ with us will be able to rely on our professional indemnity insurance.

Inhouse lawyers who wish to work at the Desk may spread their time (a day at a time) at the Desk through the year and are not required to commit to working 35 hours a year at the Desk.

What type of work is involved?

Lawyers volunteering at the Desk will be able to work on a diverse range of matters across our Humanitarian practice, which includes the following areas of law:

  • Credit and debt cases
  • Family & children’s law
  • Housing law
  • Human rights / public interest law
  • Migration /refugee law
  • Police matters
  • Social security law

A day’s work may involve supporting a family through their refugee application process, preparing a defence in a criminal matter, appearing in Court or ensuring a woman is safe from domestic violence.

Daily tasks you might expect would include attending Courts or Tribunals to instruct counsel or appearing at a procedural hearing in person, assisting to prepare witness statements / evidence, interviewing clients for new matters to take instructions, research for preparation of submissions or to determine if a client has a case, as well as a number of other very diverse roles challenging you as a lawyer.

Don’t worry if you have no experience in these areas of practice – we will supervise and instruct you so that you aren’t left on your own.  Keep in mind though, that you probably already have the key skills to practice in these areas of law – interviewing a client / taking instructions, and putting together persuasive correspondence are a large part of what is required.


To apply for the Desk, please send an email to, setting out:

  • your name;
  • your position and employer;
  • your contact details;
  • any particular area of law or case you wish to experience at the Desk (we will try our best to accommodate);
  • the number of hours you wish to volunteer at the Desk; and
  • the dates you wish to work at the Desk (if known).

Special thanks to the following organisations for promoting our Desk amongst their members / database of contacts:

  • Law Society of NSW Corporate Lawyers Committee
  • EA International