Volunteer Testimonials

Past Volunteer Testimonials

Here is what some of our volunteers had to say about their experience with Salvos Legal!


“At Salvos Legal, clients range from refugees to the largest financial institutions in Australia. An intern’s work may include anything from free advice on a traffic offence for the vulnerable to IP matters for corporations. While you may not have direct exposure to every aspect of Salvos Legal’s practice, if you are keen and pay attention, you will learn so much about many different areas of law, which will help you shape your future career.”

Jason, PLT Student, Salvos Legal, July 2017

“The 4 month PLT program was well designed, providing for practical work experience as well as continued learning and professional development courses tailored to the needs of young lawyers. Further, the firm has a unique exposure to a diverse group of clients from the private sector, government and charitable institutions, ultimately providing for a well-rounded experience that is hard to find elsewhere.”

Jared, PLT Student, Salvos Legal, May 2017

“I came to Salvos Legal having taken a year off to work and travel. My internship was a positive re-introduction to law and I recommend the experience to anyone who is able to take advantage of it… I left with greater confidence in my abilities and looking forward to a future as a solicitor.”

Xavier, PLT Student, Salvos Legal, May 2017

“My time at Salvos Legal has opened my eyes to some of the ways that I can make a difference using my law degree, and I cannot express how much this experience has impacted me. I am sure that it will continue to shape the way that I view my studies and my future career path.”

Julianne, Volunteer Law Clerk, Salvos Legal Humanitarian, April 2017

“The mentorship and educational support provided by Partners and Solicitors at Salvos Legal are excellent. They are always happy to sit down with you to discuss your work and provide ways to make improvements. Interns are always kept in the loop on matters on which they have assisted.

“Salvos Legal runs many internal workshops and classes for their employees and interns who are looking to complete their CPD units or simply interested in broadening their skill sets. During my time, I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops including workshops on drafting option agreements, dealing with tenders and reviewing commercial contracts.”

Hajime, Volunteer Solicitor, Salvos Legal, April 2017

“As a PLT student with little prior experience in law, I was exposed to a variety of legal tasks include lease work and conveyance work. Not only was I encouraged to grow and learn, I felt that I was also challenged in my role. However, this was not especially daunting given that I knew I had the support of experienced legal professionals.

Working at Salvos Legal was also incredibly satisfying knowing that our contribution was helping the greater mission of holistic justice within the community. I truly had a sense that my actions were aiding those in need.

All in all, despite a short time at Salvos Legal, I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone considering especially given the culture and environment that was present.”

Simon, PLT Student, Salvos Legal, March 2017

“As a PLT student in Salvos Legal’s Property Team, I had the opportunity to do work that was challenging under the guidance of experienced legal professionals who were supportive and open to my opinions.

“Overall, my placement not only sparked and fed my intellectual curiosity in this area of law, it was also an incredibly rewarding experience knowing that my contributions had a social impact due to the firm’s unique business model and its pursuit of holistic justice.”

Reynald, PLT Student, Salvos Legal, February 2017

“So often in Law School it can feel as though creating positive social change through legal means is the exclusive domain of Community Legal Services or firms providing exclusively humanitarian services. Salvos Legal proved the responsibility and capacity of Commercial Law to improve access to justice in Australia and help support vulnerable people they would not otherwise see as clients.

“It was a wonderful introduction to the legal profession to work alongside a team who, no matter the work in front of them, had such a sense of purpose and drive to their work to support vulnerable people and better society rather than make profits.”

 Annabel, Summer Law Clerk, Salvos Legal, February 2017

“Salvos Legal has been the first law firm in which I practiced law as an admitted solicitor. The calibre of the lawyers, and the wealth of experience they collectively bring from their  years of practice in diverse areas of the law, culminate to provide a very rich ground to sharpen legal thinking, and especially allow exposure of the untaught and often unspoken aspects of the law which are essential for young lawyers.

“The quality of the mentoring and guidance has been excellent, and I have been fortunate enough to have worked directly on matters with outside counsel, to go to court, and to have direct contact with clients. The experience is highly recommended for newly admitted lawyers with an interest in learning about case management, communications with external stakeholders, and developing other crucial soft skills necessary for practice.”

Benji, Volunteer Solicitor, Salvos Legal Humanitarian, December 2016

“Volunteering at Salvos Legal has been an invaluable experience. I have attained an incredible level of skills and knowledge in relation to property law involving leasing, licence agreements and conveyancing as well as commercial matters involving construction projects and commercial agreements.

“I would definitely recommend Salvos Legal to anyone considering doing an internship or practical legal training placement as the benefits and rewards of working at this firm are endless and immeasurable.”

Kristina, PLT Student, Salvos Legal, December 2016