Asylum Seeker Clinic – Salvos Legal

About the Asylum Seeker Clinic

In August 2016 Salvos Legal Humanitarian, together with Multicultural Development Australia (MDA ltd), launched a dedicated and free Asylum Seeker Clinic (ASC) in Queensland. The ASC purpose is to assist people seeking asylum through the visa application process.

When the Australian Government announced that people seeking protection who arrived by boat on or after 13 August 2012 (fast track applicants) needed to have their visa applications in by 1 October 2017, the ASC team provided the support needed to ensure applications were in on time.

What we do

ASC continues to provide assistance to fast track applicants to:

  • attend Federal Circuit Court directions hearings;
  • attend Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) interviews;
  • respond to requests from the DOHA;
  • provide further information in the form of a statutory declaration; and
  • provide penal clearance information.

The ASC also provides fast track applicants with advice regarding:

  • updating contact details;
  • negative decisions from the DOHA;
  • Immigrant Assessment Authority (IAA) process and submissions;
  • negative decisions from the IAA;
  • the differences between merits review and judicial review;
  • the availability of judicial review; and
  • referrals for the preparation of applications for judicial review.


Appointment Times:



The ASC does not accept any government funding and relies entirely on donations and the goodwill of the community.