Privacy Policy

Respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information is a fundamental part of our firm’s operations and way of doing business:

Your personal information and your overall privacy are very important to us.

Salvos Legal is committed to ensuring we abide by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles contained in that Act.  We respect the importance of privacy and the sensitivity relating to the collection, use, disclosure and security of personal and sensitive information which we might collect as part of our firm’s activities.  This Privacy Policy sets out how we manage your personal and sensitive information and protect your privacy.

Personal information we collect and retain.

Salvos Legal only collects personal and sensitive information that is necessary for us to provide legal and related services to our clients.  That personal information will relate to:

Our Clients – In order to provide legal and related services to our clients, and in order to comply with the laws and regulations that govern the practice of law, we collect certain personal information from our clients in order to properly identify who we are assisting, and to ensure we practice good record keeping.

Employees, Contractors & Volunteers – Our firm maintains records of its employees and all those who assist us in providing our services. This information might include their name and contact details, bank account and taxation details, qualifications, previous experience and/or emergency contact details.

Potential Clients & Providers – In specific circumstances our firm might collect limited personal information concerning potential clients and potential providers of products or services to us.

Collection and safekeeping of personal and sensitive information

Collection – We collect and store personal and sensitive information in several ways, depending on what our firm’s relationship with you is. Some of the sources of information obtained from written and electronic correspondence and documents are:

  • Instructions given to us when requesting legal services.
  • Information provided when applying for a role or position with our firm, or proposing to provide goods or services to us.
  • Information properly gathered from public domain sources when investigating potential clients and suppliers.

Retention – We may keep copies of the above information (in physical or electronic form) as is necessary to provide legal and related services, or assess services or products to be supplied to us.  All personal and sensitive information is securely stored at all times by us or an authorised external service provider and only authorised people will have access to the above documents and information.

Reasons for collecting and holding personal and sensitive information

Our reasons for collection include:

  • To provide legal and related services to you that you request from us
  • To comply with our statutory and related obligations
  • To assist third parties to provide services you request from them
  • To implement and manage your employment, contracting or volunteer relationship with us
  • To comply with applicable accounting and business standards for management and record keeping

Our firm is committed to preserving your privacy and complying with all legal requirements, and we will only use your personal and sensitive information for a permitted purpose for which the information was collected, or where authorised or required by law.

You may elect not to identify yourself or to use a pseudonym when dealing with us in relation to a particular matter, unless it is for the purpose of giving instructions to us to act on your behalf, or it is impracticable to do so in the circumstances.  You must advise us in writing in advance if you wish to deal with us in this manner so we can assess your request and whether we can assist you.

How we might disclose your personal information

We may need to disclose your personal and/or sensitive information to other parties in order to provide legal services to you, as a consequence of providing legal services, and/or in relation to your employment, contract or volunteer relationship with us. Third parties to whom we make such a disclosure may not use your personal and sensitive information for any purpose other than that for which you provided it to us.

Otherwise, we will only share your personal and/or sensitive information in accordance with your express consent and instructions, or as applicable under the exceptions provided for in the Australian Privacy Principles.

Salvos Legal will not disclose your personal or sensitive information to any party outside of Australia, without your express consent.

Access to your personal information

Subject to some exceptions under Australian Privacy by law, you may access the personal information concerning you that we hold, or request corrections to it.  To do so, please contact our firm during business hours and you will be directed to the appropriate person.  Please note that confirmation of any such request will need to be made in writing.

No application fee is charged for access to your personal or sensitive information, however we may need to charge reasonable costs in complying with a request to provide you with access.

If you believe we have not complied with the Australian Privacy Principles in respect of your personal and/or sensitive information, or you have any questions or feedback concerning our handling of your personal information,  please contact one of our partners using the contact information on our website.