Achieving Justice: A discussion on ethics, values and morals (1 mandatory CLE/CPD point)


60 minute audio session = 1 CLE/CPD point*

“Don’t judge your clients. You might find what’s alleged against your client or the behaviour they’ve admitted to be deplorable, but your client has the right to the best representation”

A common challenge across legal practitioners is when their values, morals and ethics are in conflict with that of their clients’. However, understanding the rights of each person, should these conflicts be put aside? As a lawyer, the answer is simple – isn’t it?

In this CLE/CPD for Lawyers audio session, Judge Richard Cogswell discusses the role of values and ethics in law. Drawing from his experience and research, Judge Cogswell speaks to conflicts legal practitioners face, the presence of values in our legislation and the concept of instinctive synthesis. Lastly, Judge Cogswell outlines practical tips for lawyers when providing advice for their clients and considerations when deciding whether or not to represent a client.

Listen to this on-demand audio session anywhere and anytime for a thought-provoking and engaging discussion that makes completing the mandatory ethics component of your CLE requirements just a bit more stimulating.

Here’s a sneak peek of Judge Coswell talking about the value of giving reasons, particularly in difficult cases (preview length: 1:30 mins)


This continuing legal education audio session will deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the cab-rank rule
  • Outline the benefit of representation to the parties, court process, judge and community.
  • Define restorative justice and instinctive synthesis
  • Understand legal responsibilities when advising clients
  • How to apply your moral compass when acting for a client.

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Judge Cogswell SC

Professional Background

Judge Richard Cogswell SC graduated in law from the University of Tasmania in 1974.  He spent the following two years at Oxford University as the Tasmanian Rhodes Scholar reading Philosophy and Politics.

He then returned to Australia where he took up a position in Sydney as Associate to Sir Kenneth Jacobs at the High Court for a year.

He decided to remain in Sydney and after practising as a solicitor for 3 years he went to the Bar in 1981.  He practised from Wentworth Chambers for 10 years, mostly in civil but also doing some criminal work.

In 1991 he was appointed a Crown Prosecutor, thus remaining at the Bar but changing from the private to the public sector.  Briefed by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions he prosecuted jury trials in the District and Supreme Courts and appeared regularly in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.  He became a Senior Counsel in NSW in 1997 and a Queen’s Counsel in Tasmania in 1998.

In 2000 he was appointed the NSW Crown Advocate.  The Crown Advocate shares chambers with the Solicitor General and appears in complex and high profile criminal- related cases in the Court of Criminal Appeal and at first instance as well as undertaking occasional work in the NSW Court of Appeal, the High Court and giving advice to the Attorney General and other public officers.

Judicial Roles

In early 2007 he was appointed to the District Court of NSW.  He has been hearing civil and criminal matters in metropolitan Sydney and on various country circuits.

In 2016 Richard was appointed full-time President of the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal for 3 years.  He retains his District Court judgeship but will not sit regularly while the MHRT President.

* CLE/CPD schemes are based upon self-assessment of an educational activity. In order to count an educational activity towards mandatory CLE/CPD requirements a legal practitioner must determine for themselves that the activity extends their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to their practise or professional development.

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Judge Richard Cogswell SC in conversation with Andrea Christie-David, Partner, Salvos Legal Humanitarian.

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