An Introduction to Insolvency (1 CLE/CPD point)


60-minute audio session on insolvency equates to 1 CLE/CPD point* for lawyers and legal professionals

In this edition of Salvos Legal CLE/CPD Sessions, Salvos Legal’s Nameeta Chandra meets with Geoff Reidy, Director of professional services consultancy firm Rodgers Reidy, to discuss the complex world of insolvency. As a registered Trustee in Bankruptcy and an Official Liquidator of the Court, Geoff provides a clear and concise overview of the insolvency process, while also shedding light on the human face of people who have faced commercial struggle or the collapse of a business. 


This continuing legal education audio session will deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the insolvency process
  • Understand the role that insolvency practitioners play
  • Discussion of the work that lawyers play in insolvency and how to work with insolvency practitioners
  • Gain insight regarding the impacts of the demise of a business and the community ramifications of insolvency
  • Earn 1 CLE/CPD point

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Professional Background

Geoff Reidy graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) from Macquarie University in 1991. In 1993, he was admitted as an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (now CAANZ). Geoff joined Love & Rodgers Chartered Accountants in 1990, working as an Insolvency and Reconstruction Specialist until 1999.

After almost 10 years as an employed accountant, Geoff established his own firm alongside partner Peter Rodgers, Rodgers Reidy Chartered Accountants, in 1999. Beginning in Sydney, Rodgers Reidy has grown to have offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In 2015, the international association of Rodgers Reidy became a founding partner in the BTG Global Advisory network which covers offices throughout the UK, Europe, India, USA and Canada in addition to Australasia.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Geoff has considerable experience in management consulting, strategic decision making, advising Regulators on policy design, forensic review and business building. As a Director of Rodgers Reidy, Geoff provides insolvency, reconstruction and advisory expertise to a wide range of industries. He is a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy, a Registered Official Liquidator of the Court, as well as an admitted lawyer.

Recognition and Appointments

Geoff is a Member of the Australian Restructuring and Turnaround Association, and a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australian and New Zealand (CAANZ). He has also held a number of professional appointments, including sitting on the ATO Panel of Liquidators, acting as the Chairman of the NSW IPAA/ATO Liaison Committee, and acting on the ITSA Panel to Interview Applicants to become Registered Trustees Bankruptcy.

Find out more about Geoff Reidy and his story here:

* CLE/CPD schemes are based upon self-assessment of an educational activity. In order to count an educational activity towards mandatory CLE/CPD requirements a legal practitioner must determine for themselves that the activity extends their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to their practise or professional development. If you are in WA, please note we are not a WA Law Society accredited CPD/CLE provider and an audio session will not count towards your points.