Is your voice doing you justice? Lucy Cornell, CEO of The Voice Advisory talks to lawyers and barristers about using voice to gain position


60 minute audio session = 1 CLE/CPD point*

How effective is your voice? How are you expressing yourself? As lawyers or barristers, these are questions you should be asking yourself.

In this CLE/CPD audio session for Lawyers, Lucy Cornell, CEO and Founder of The Voice Advisory explores how the voice works and how to use your voice deliberately to gain an effective position of power in and out of the courtroom. She talks to Senior Associate, Amy Burton on what it is like to have a voice of influence as a lawyer.

She explains it is not only about the words lawyers use – it is an intricate relationship between thought, feeling, body, voice and breath and how you stay present in high stake ‘athletic’ moments and how you manage each moment. Lucy frequently works with barristers and lawyers about how they stay centred, and how they manage the marathon in relation to their intellectual, emotional and physical/vocal athleticism.

You can have all the technical skills, but without your voice working effectively for you, it is unlikely you will maximise your opportunity.

This continuing legal education audio session will deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Why your voice matters
  • Tips on acquiring a positional voice and gaining ‘power in the room’
  • Combating nerves when they step in
  • Managing each moment to maximise the opportunity
  • How to use your voice for career progression

Listen to this on-demand audio session anywhere and anytime to pick up practical tips on how to improve how you use your voice.

Here’s a sneak peek of Lucy Cornell explaining the relationship between thought, feeling, body, voice and breath.


Lucy Cornell
Professional background

As an author, speaker, and CEO of The Voice Advisory Group, Lucy has been empowering business leaders globally for twenty years.

Lucy enables leaders to connect with and engage their audience with an authentic voice; one that demonstrates presence, credibility, persuasive power, confidence and vision.

Lucy is one of 200 Linklater trained voice teachers in the world with has extensive academic and practical experience training with voice tutors from Royal Shakespeare Company (UK) and as an actor and teacher at Shakespeare and Company (USA).

She also holds a Masters of Applied Science in Voice Research (U.Sydney) and a Bachelor of Arts/Education (UNSW). Lucy has been a specialist speaker for Young President’s Organization (YPO) events globally for the past ten years in Istanbul, Barcelona, Miami, Pakistan, Dubai, Oman, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Australia, and New Zealand. YPO members are all CEOs of high net-worth businesses whose expectation of education is high.

Lucy leads an international voice and performance coaching team for advocacy courses run by the Australian Bar Association and the General Council of the Bar of South Africa. She was asked to speak about performance skills for the International Advocacy Training Council’s inaugural conference in Malaysia in 2015.

Lucy also takes her work with business leaders off-road as the Founder of The Echo Project, which supports silenced communities; women, domestic violence survivors and the world of human trafficking. As a foil, Lucy helps business executives shed light on what a privilege it is to have a voice in the world and begs the question: You have the right to speak. What are you doing with it?

Lucy’s corporate clientele range from CEOs and senior executives of blue chip companies such as McKinsey, IBM, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank to politicians, barristers and lawyers. In the Australian media, Lucy Cornell is seen as the go to person on voice for TV, print and radio.

Professional qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts/Education (University of New South Wales)
  • Masters of Applied Science in Voice Research (University of Sydney)
  • Certified Linklater Voice Teacher

* CLE/CPD schemes are based upon self-assessment of an educational activity. In order to count an educational activity towards mandatory CLE/CPD requirements a legal practitioner must determine for themselves that the activity extends their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to their practise or professional development. If you are in WA, please note we are not a WA Law Society accredited CPD/CLE provider and an audio session will not count towards your points. 

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Lucy Cornell from The Voice Advisory talks to Senior Associate, Amy Burton from Salvos Legal


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