Sally’s story

Sally’s story
10th October, 2018

Sally was referred to our Goodna office by an agency who had been assisting Sally with social support. Sally was bright, had worked hard and had a good job. However, about two years ago she had suffered significant domestic violence at the hands of her then partner. This had turned her life upside down. The violence escalated over time and culminated in a horrific car crash which was caused by her ex-partner – all vehicles involved were written off. As a result of the domestic violence, Sally’s ex-partner was imprisoned for a lengthy period which gave Sally some comfort that he could not physically hurt her while incarcerated.

Sally’s injuries were devastating, resulting in her being wheelchair bound for many months and left unable to work. She worked hard with the support of her rehabilitation team and slowly gained limited mobility and for short periods could walk and feel human.

Due to the stress and trauma of the event, as well as the daily struggle with her mobility Sally wasn’t in a position to keep on top of bills. It became apparent to Sally’s support team that she was suffering significant financial hardship due to her inability to work. Eventually Sally disclosed to one of her support workers that she had an increasing debt on her car loan which was one of the vehicles involved in the crash and was written off. She also disclosed that her partner had controlled her finances which meant that she couldn’t afford insurance for the car. Sadly, Sally had continued to suffer in silence after the crash, paying what she could to the car finance company each month, leaving her being unable to meet her basic needs.

The support worker contacted our office. Without hesitation our team was more than willing to assist Sally to attempt to have the debt on the vehicle waived. We worked closely with Sally’s support worker and gathered all of the background information about the domestic violence, the details regarding the lead up to the crash and the crash itself. We outlined all the information in a detailed letter to the finance company. We worked quickly as we were aware that Sally would be required to make further payments each month.

Thankfully the finance company were cooperative and understanding of Sally’s dire circumstances and the trauma she had suffered. We were thrilled when we received a call from the finance company to advise that the full amount owing on the vehicle had been waived.

When our office contacted Sally to advise her of the good news she was overjoyed with the outcome! Without the assistance of Salvos Legal Humanitarian, Sally would likely have continued to suffer significant financial hardship which would compound the trauma of the domestic violence.

We wish Sally all the best as she continues with her rehabilitation and looks to getting back into the workplace.

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Sally’s story